Gold Prize For Kid-O-Bunk


Target Holdings, UK exclusive distributor for Kid-O-Bunk is delighted after being awarded the Gold prize by for the best travel product for parents.

The judges thought the Kid-O-Bunk perfect for sleepovers and for those with multiple children. "Love love the concept! Love how it folds down!" exclaimed Junior Travel Writer Karen Beddow. Yvadney Davis (a children's fashion and interiors stylist) simply said "Genius!!!!!"
Interiors guru Lisa Mehydene (of Edit 58) said: "Genius idea! Absolutely love the flexibility it provides, and the small size to which it bundles down and can be transported/stored. Also know my children would love sleeping on it."
Target Holdings is proud to support this wonderful product in the UK and since being appointed as distributor has thousands of satisfied customers in the UK who all love their Kid-O-Bunk too.
Kid-O-Bunk can be purchased from Argos, Amazon, Costco, Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors plus many other online retailers.