Target Sourcing

Our approach

Sourcing products from China can seem a daunting task and often you may not know where to start. Having a local presence is often the key to successful sourcing; knowing where to go and which factories to approach is difficult when you are thousands of miles away.

A sourcing project should begin with a detailed brief. It’s important to understand your intended business model and your routes to market to allow us to vet and select suitable manufacturers.

Our team in Hong Kong brings on-the-ground support and expertise to this selection process, ranging from exploratory discussions and factory inspections to pre-shipment quality control.

Of course price is always an important issue, however our experience has shown that cheapest isn’t always the best. As an importer you will need to ensure reliable regular supplies of products of the correct standard.

Product sample development, testing and improvement require close collaboration between you and our teams in the UK and Hong Kong.

Our experience in sourcing and manufacturing ensures that every detail is covered.

It is important that factories have ethical compliance certificates and comply with the required testing standards for international markets. We will ensure that your goods are fit and legal to enter the markets in which they will be used, and will offer all the necessary advice to our clients.

Target Holdings have various divisions, which can assist clients with the product supply chain:

Target Innovation can assist with product design and development,
Target Sourcing can assist with manufacturer selection supply chain development
Target Fulfilment can assist with 3rd party warehousing and logistics in the UK
Target Distribution can assist with sales representation to UK retail accounts 

Meet the Team

Trevor Collins
CEO / Finance
Steve Parker
Innovation / Sourcing
Daniel Parslow
Trading / Fulfilment
Simon Parslow
Innovation / Distribution
Steve Murfin
Warehouse Manager
Maria Sargisson
Lorraine Frenzel
Tracy Hancox
Order processing
Julie Stobart