Target Innovation

Our approach

Innovation; The act of introducing something new (noun)

Dreams to reality,

An Idea

You’ve got a great idea, a product that you know that people will love to buy and use. Target Innovation can guide you through all the steps from concept outline, designing and protecting your idea (IP), manufacturing and quality control on the factory floor, generating retail orders globally and delivering your product to your new customers.

How can we talk about this subject with such confidence? Our own Patent Granted products are available in four continents and lines from our ranges have sold many hundreds of thousands of units.

UK design

We use UK designers both (in house and contractors) to perfect your design. UK design is loved worldwide for good reason, because it’s the best. UK design allows us to modify designs quickly and allows the most important element in the design, the inventor, to bring their design to life with input at face-to-face meetings which will birth the first concept models.

Mechanical and Electronic development

Our experienced team in Hong Kong will design the internal construction of the product with a deep knowledge of manufacturing processes necessary for mass production. They will select one of our many partner factories and involve them at all stages. This process will produce the first working samples of the project ready for the final tooling process.

Mass production, quality control and final inspection.

Our partner factories will pass even the strictest ethical retailer audits and manufacture your product in line with the many EU Directives and provide quality products. We have independent full time staff, paid by us, not the factory, to run the Quality Control departments that manage and test the production and employ another independent company for final inspection before releasing the goods. All this at truly factory floor pricing.

Of course manufacturing a quality product is just half the story, other elements of the Target Holdings group will introduce logistics, possibly funding for your project, use our all important relationships with the buyers of all the major retailers to generate sales and advise and introduce experts in Intellectual Property to ensure your design is protected globally.

Target Holdings have various divisions, which can assist clients with the product supply chain:

Target Innovation can assist with product design and development,
Target Sourcing can assist with manufacturer selection supply chain development
Target Fulfilment can assist with 3rd party warehousing and logistics in the UK
Target Distribution can assist with sales representation to UK retail accounts 

Meet the Team

Trevor Collins
CEO / Finance
Steve Parker
Innovation / Sourcing
Daniel Parslow
Trading / Fulfilment
Simon Parslow
Innovation / Distribution
Steve Murfin
Warehouse Manager
Maria Sargisson
Lorraine Frenzel
Tracy Hancox
Order processing
Julie Stobart