• Kelvin Wine Thermometer

    Target Holdings launches the worlds best wine gadget. Read more

  • Hardworking headphones for kids

    Target Holdings launches the foam headphones for kids. Read more

  • The fabulous Kid-O-Bunk

    Target Holdings is the proud UK distributor for Kid-O-Bunk. Read more

Some of our work

Sleeping safely in their beds

Thousands of babies have been sleeping more safely, the Gro Bag Egg making sense of temperature with colour.

No iPod holder needed

Target Fulfilment is pleased to assist My Brilliant Company to put the fun back into play time.

Funny faces alround

We had great fun on the photo shoot for our Headfoams. Flexible headphones created flexible faces.

Stepping out

Target Fitness will be helping another 15,000 people this year step out towards their goals.

Some of our clients